Why is Dinajpur BNP's place of pilgrimage, said Fakhrul

Why is Dinajpur BNP’s place of pilgrimage, said Fakhrul

The general secretary of the party, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, commented that Dinajpur is a place of pilgrimage for BNP. He made this comment at Dinajpur Truck Station Maidan at the end of Rangpur-Dinajpur youth road march on Saturday (September 16).

Secretary General of BNP said, Dinajpur is a place of pilgrimage for us. Because our leader Khaleda Zia’s birthplace is Dinajpur.

Commenting on the election at that time, he said that the government wants to repeat the one-sided elections like 2014 and 2018. However, the people of the country will not allow this election to be held again.

BNP Secretary General also said that for the last few years we have been saying that no election is possible under this government. All political parties are united today. According to everyone, no one will go to the election under this government.

He also said, Amanullah Aman, Tuku, Tarek Zia and his wife have all been sentenced. BNP activists were remanded without bail in the lower court. Mirza Fakhrul alleged that there were false cases against 40 lakh people.

Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, highlighting the information of other countries of the world, claimed that today, different countries of the world are saying that the last two elections were not fair. All the world says there is no democracy in Bangladesh, democracy must be established.

At that time, he complained that DC-SP is being made as desired to prepare the ground before the election.


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