Mysterious' light in Moroccan sky before earthquake, scientists say

Mysterious’ light in Moroccan sky before earthquake, scientists say

Strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Morocco. The earthquake, which struck on Friday (September 8), left several areas in ruins, including the country’s fourth-largest city, Marrakesh. More than 2,600 people lost their lives in the earthquake. Thousands of people were injured. However, this time a different topic has come to the discussion.

Moments before the earthquake struck, a strange flash of lightning appeared in the Moroccan sky. Many residents of the country shared photos of this strange light on social media. They claimed that they saw this light. A lot of fuss has been created about this in the net world.

According to a report by the American media CNN, although it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the pictures published on social media, scientists say that before the earthquake hits, it can create different types of light in the atmosphere. Such phenomena are caused by changes in electrical current underground.

In this regard, geophysicist Friedman Freund said, ‘An earthquake occurred in Morocco at night. So it is normal to see the light caused by the earthquake or capture the scene on camera.

Scientists say that earthquakes can cause different kinds of light scattering. Among them, the most common sight is the lightning-like light behind the clouds. However, it is not like the lightning flashes in the sky during storms.

Friedman said that the electrical waves of the earthquake rise from the ground to the clouds. These electrical charges are activated as a result of geological activity inside the earth. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates.

According to the U.S. National Geological Survey, this light can burn steadily at times. Sometimes the light can be in the form of spheres, and sometimes it can be like lightning.

According to him, such light is produced by earthquakes even during the day. But most of the time it is not visible due to sunlight. But at night this light can be seen well. Even the news was circulated about this strange light.

The color of this light depends on the type of particles in the atmosphere that are attracted to the surface charge. Oxygen particles can be red or greenish in color. Again, a bright yellow light flash is seen in the combination of these two.

Friedman also said, “The change in electric charge on the surface and in the sky can sometimes cause headaches in people or animals. This is why some animals behave abnormally before an earthquake. People experience the phenomenon of electric charge in other ways. Sometimes this charge can cause our hair to stand on end, or a tingling sensation on the skin.’


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