How was BNP's road march all day

How was BNP’s road march all day?

Youth Roadmarch, Rangpur to Dinajpur, Nilphamari Syedpur in between. The rush of convoys to the northern town. The whole journey was full of protest slogans. Along with the central and local people, the leaders and activists started gathering from the surrounding areas. This road march started in front of BNP office at Rangpur Grand Hotel intersection on Saturday (September 16).

This program of BNP’s three affiliated organizations, Jubo Dal, Swachhasevak Dal and Chhatra Dal, is demanding elections under a non-partisan government. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir led this road march of about 90 kilometers.

He waved his hand from the convoy and greeted the people of North Bengal. The residents of Rangpur, excited to see the BNP General Secretary, came out of their houses and took pictures with the General Secretary, some exchanged greetings with him. Some have taken a selfie by skillfully posing. Some have complained that they have been tortured under the current government.

Earlier, Mirza Fakhrul came to the temporary stage in front of the office around 11:00. In the speech of the chief guest, he claimed that the government is staying in power by cheating. BNP Secretary General also announced to continue the road march until the fall of the government.

Mirza Fakhrul held road meetings at six places on the road march. His speech was full of criticism of the government and the demand for elections under a non-partisan government.

BNP Secretary General again addressed the public meeting at Dinajpur truck stand ground after completing the road march after about 6 hours. He claimed that the people will stop the conspiracy to clear the field before the election.

BNP Secretary General also indicated that the program of road march will come from the center in the whole country within two days. He also warned that if the government does not resign voluntarily, they will fall in the turbulent wave of the people.

On Sunday (September 17), the road march program of Jubo Dal, Swachhasebak Dal and Chhatra Dal will start from Bogra and go to Rajshahi via Santahar, Naogaon.


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