French president why water music studio

French president why water music studio? Rahul replied

On his visit to Dhaka, French President Emmanuel Macron went to visit the studio of the country’s popular band Jajar Gan. Many have made various comments about it. This time Rahul Anand gave his answer.

On Sunday (September 10), Macron visited Rahul Anand’s studio for the song Jharra at midnight. There he himself holds the Ektara in his hand and Rahul plays the Ektara.
Rahul Anand wrote on his verified Facebook, I sing in Bengali… I love Bengal and the people of this country. A few days ago His Excellency the President of France came to my studio. Many of you have congratulated me on that. Thanks and love to them.

Many people have different questions, why did he come here, what was the purpose, was there no other musician in Bangladesh? I have answered this time and again in various ways.

First, the cultural arrangement was by Allianz France. They want their President to talk to some artists of various mediums and show the family atmosphere of Bangladesh. In this event, there were other artists besides me, Kamruzzaman Swadhin and Moushum, Afroza Hossain Sara, Ashfika Rahman.

Rahul further said that we have all worked with Alias Frans earlier on various art and music projects. I think that’s why he met us. This meeting could have happened anywhere else. But he wanted to see my studio, to see the musical instruments.

Incidentally, my studio and instrument factory are in my home. The house I live in is a hundred year old architecture, so there is a trace of history..

Maybe he was an interesting thing too. It should be noted that our Honorable Minister of Information and Broadcasting was with him the entire time. We treat him with the same respect. As a citizen of the state – I have only fulfilled this duty. I guess any of you would.
Such a large state guest suddenly at my door! Naturally, I was surprised, overwhelmed. To be honest, I was in a state of wonder the whole time! Meanwhile, time is very limited, so the focus has to be on hospitality.

I have tried to treat him with due respect and according to our culture on behalf of the citizens of my country as well as the government and the state. I think hospitality is the main part and responsibility of our ancestral culture. That’s why I did it.

Rahul Anand is a musician, lyricist and musician of Bangladesh. He is a founding member of the popular Bangladeshi band ‘Jaler Gan’. He is very popular among his songs – songs of colors, and leaves, bird songs, rain songs, flowers, boula wind and distant clouds.


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