Freight train speed test through Padma Bridge

Freight train speed test through Padma Bridge

After the passenger train, the speed of the freight train was tested through the Padma bridge in the Mawa-Bhanga section. This is a groundbreaking event in the country for the first time in running a freight train at a speed of 80 kmph.

This new rail network is beckoning with immense potential. In addition to agricultural produce from the south, goods and goods from Monglabandar can be transported by train. So this railway track has been constructed to carry heavy goods. It is going to be connected with Trans Asia Railway.

Padma Setu Rail Link Project Project Manager-1 Brigadier General Saeed Ahmed said that the Prime Minister will inaugurate the Dhaka-Bhanga 82 km section on October 10. After that, passenger and freight trains will run. A freight train takes 54 minutes to cover a distance of 42 km from Mawa to Bhanga at a speed of 60 km.

Earlier on Friday (September 15) for the first time in the history of the country, a passenger train was run at a speed of 120 kmph. This train took only three and a half minutes to cross the Padma Bridge. In the Mawa-Bhanga section, the train moves four times by increasing the speed periodically. The train with five coaches first traveled from Bhanga at a speed of 60 km via Padma bridge and reached Mawa in 51 minutes after crossing a distance of 42 km. On the way back from there at a speed of 80 km Bhanga reached in 41 minutes.


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