Two Arrested from Jamaat-Shibir Procession in Rajshahi

Two Arrested from Jamaat-Shibir Procession in Rajshahi

Police arrested two people from a Jamaat-Shibir procession in Rajshahi city on Tuesday (September 10).

The arrested persons were identified as Emaj Uddin, 45, and Faruk Hossain, 35, both of whom are local leaders of Jamaat-Shibir.

Police said they were arrested after they were found carrying brick chips and sticks during the procession.

The procession was organized by Jamaat-Shibir to protest the arrest of their leader, Shafiqur Rahman.

Shafiqur Rahman was arrested on Monday (September 9) on charges of inciting violence.

Jamaat-Shibir is a banned political party in Bangladesh.

The article could also include the following details:

The time and location of the procession
The number of people involved in the procession
The purpose of the procession
The reaction of the police and the Jamaat-Shibir leaders to the arrests


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