5 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Energized at Work

5 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Energized at Work

Going down to the office and smoking with tea or sometimes oil-fried singara, even if it can fix the mood, it can never fix the health. So it is necessary to choose some snacks for the workplace, which are healthy as well as enhance performance.

There is physical and mental stress in the office throughout the day. But without eating properly nutritious food, health will not be good; Various diseases will build a nest. So nutritionists advise healthy food to keep the body in good shape. A report in the Times of India has mentioned several such nutritious foods. Let’s know them-

Mixed Nuts: Boxed nuts made of Chinese, cashew, wood, walnut, pistachio are now available almost everywhere. A bowl of mixed nuts can be kept by the office desk or with you for occasional snacking. Keeping the brain fresh, keeping weight under control, aiding in digestion, etc. can be enjoyed if a handful of mixed almonds are made into a habit between work.

Banana and Apple: Available throughout the year, these two fruits instantly satisfy our hunger, as well as make us energetic.

Raisins and Dates: Among the dry fruits, the most readily available beneficial dry fruits are raisins and dates. Both of them are rich in natural sugars which help to give a quick boost of energy. Eliminates fatigue.

Sugar Free Biscuits: Sugar free biscuits are healthier than other foods to eat with tea.

Dal Vaja: Dal Vaja can be eaten to satisfy the craving for fried food or to get a spicy taste. Apart from fulfilling the protein requirement, it also maintains the body temperature. Market dal vaja satiates the taste buds. But it is also very easy to make at home, which is more healthy.


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